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Update (4/13/2021): NCEP has reported intermittent connection issues with their NOMADS service yesterday and today. Models may be late in updating on our site as a result. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We have received a healthy and largely positive response with respect to our Experimental Desktop forecast models page. Final components of this page are actively being put together and some new components are being added based on your feedback. We would like to thank you for all of your comments and suggestions! It truly helps us!

With that said, a few quick items need addressing:
  1. Mobile Experience: This page currently is only available in a desktop version. We are aware of, but not addressing problems with the mobile experience because ultimately a completely new page will be served to mobile devices.
  2. "Negative/Empty" space and a desire for larger images: This isn't exactly a new problem and is precisely what this interface will allow us to address. However, due to the amount of processing and frequency of image generation; going bigger certainly won't come any time soon and may require a re-approach to our method of rendering and presenting model data. In short, it's not simple. But we are going to explore ideas to fill this space in a meaningful way.
  3. The ECMWF/Euro: What they make available for free isn't worth our time, effort, server overhead, and what else is available is far beyond our budget. Unless this changes, it won't be back on our site.
Thank you all again! While development is still actively occurring, we encourage our users to keep making the time to explore the new page on a daily basis and keep the conversation going. Visit:

For further information, check the following twitter accounts for periodic updates on product generation status and website improvements; @CoDWXData and @CODMeteorology. Your feedback is always appreciated, so feel free to respond to tweets or send us an email using our Feedback page.