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First of all, a general disclaimer: The data we provide may suffer from outages or errors from time-to-time. There can be many reasons for this, such as our network could have crashed or the data feed we get from other sources via the Internet could have similar problems as well. While we strive to have correct and timely data on our website, we make no guarantees. Therefore, use our weather data at your own risk and certainly do not use the data on our website to make life & death decisions!

Here at the College of DuPage, we take great pride in offering some of the best weather images and products available on the Internet. In order to keep our website running as smooth and problem-free for everyone as possible, we kindly ask all users to follow the following guidelines:

  1. Please do not set up scripts to automatically download our images or data without explicit permission from us. We've had problems with our server load due to attempts to acquire every single image we generate, and we simply can not handle such demand. The only exception we allow without prior consent are downloads of raw data by users of Digital Atmosphere and bufkit.
  2. You may link our images to your own website, however we simply ask that you credit us for creating the image.
  3. Please do NOT set up loops to auto-refresh from our website. We simply do not have the server capabilities to allow dozens of users to keep loops running indefinitely. This is why our loops are automatically programmed to stop after a certain amount of time. You will be locked out if you circumvent our wishes through the use of javascripts on your side (along with the major users of the offending javascript looper).
  4. Do NOT use any photography found on our website without first contacting us or the copyright owner. That's the law!
In order to best maintain the performance of our website and to ensure compliance of the above rules, we monitor our web usage stats on a daily basis. Violators of any of the above terms will be locked out of our website. We hope you understand and comply with our rules that are designed to allow everyone to continue enjoying our website!

The College of DuPage Weather Staff