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Thank You for your Generous Contribution!

We, the NEXLAB Staff, would like to extend our warmest thanks to all of our gracious donors. The Meteorology program at The College of DuPage started from humble beginnings but has grown and matured over the years. In our curriculum, we strive to deliver knowledge-hungry students with the strongest foundation possible in meteorology right from the start of their collegiate careers. We are passionate about providing them with the skills, discipline, opportunities and connections to excel in the field and advance the science. We hold a very similar sense of pride and dedication for our website; Attempting to offer the most comprehensive set of meteorological data in one location in the most appealing fashion possible. It is an ever-growing and evolving project to which we devote endless hours of work. It is just as much about providing our students tools with which to hone their skills as it is delivering data to the public, both amateur and professional alike.

Opening our program to donations was completely uncharted territory for us, and the outpouring of support you have shown us inspires and motivates our entire staff! You have opened up new opportunities for our program that were not possible before; because of that we cannot begin to express our gratitude. We plan to return the favor by improving our program and website in any way possible. We thank you for supporting education, our program, and helping to keep our site growing as a free and public resource for all.

This page is dedicated to all those who have donated and will continually be updated in the future to show what your contributions have made possible.

Our endless gratitude,
- The NEXLAB Staff
EF5 Donors ($500+): Art Donnelly, Douglas Thompson, John Monteverdi, Mark Russo, Mark and Anada Stevens, Philip L. Gravel, Tom Skilling, Walt Dickie, William Ryan, Anonymous (1 donors)
EF4 Donors ($100+): LLC, Adam A. Ball, Amy McKinney, Bryce Kintigh, David Palumbo, David Priegnitz, Debra Pekosh, Edward Heckman, Fred Bader, George Modica, Gilbert Sebenste, Harry Hughes, Industrial Atmospheric Services, Jake Biberstein, Jake Dunne, James LaDue, Jeff Hauser, Jeff Wasserman, Jeff and Michelle Mila, Jeffrey Spidle, Jeffrey Tutein, Jennifer Schumacher, Joe Nicholls, John L. Smith, Jon Powell, Joshua Coupe, Kelli Anderson, Ken Engquist, Kenneth Jasionowski, Kim J. Ball, Kinney Adams, Laura E. Hedien, Lon Curtis, Mathew L. Powers, Matthew S. Gilmore, MountainWeather, Phillip Miller, Robert Lamb, Russ Adams, Scott Olthoff, Scott Sax, Scott Sheppard, Shann Benhardus, Stephanie Zajac, Timothy Balassie, Tony Rockwood, Vicki Gensini, Walter Swiston, Anonymous (4 donors)
EF3 Donors ($50+): Andrew Kriz, Bruce Jones, Carlos Santamaria, Crystal Ball Weather LLC, David Eichorn, David Fick, David Moran, James Bishop, Jeff Duda, Jenni Laflin, John Brown, John Lucas, John Wetter, Karl Jungbluth, Michael Gribble, Michael Towers, Rich Thompson, Robert A. Rilling, Robert Elvander, Robert Tarkington, Scott Hetsko, Susan G. Edwards, Wayne Simoncelli, Anonymous (5 donors)
EF2 Donors ($25+): Adam Gill, Alan Linov, Bill Meier, Brandon Sullivan, Brian Hurst, Brian McClure, Cary McDonald, Craig Lewis, Dan Smith, David Ewoldt, David Prugh, Douglas Piercey, Eric Calhoun, Erica Grow, Eugene Newman, Hazard Notifications LLC, James Dispensa, Jeff Boeckl, Jeffrey J. Mack, Jeffrey Wilhelm, Jim Faulhaber, Jim Zandonai, John Goodnow, John Martin, Jonathan Bass, Justin Zollitsch, Katherine E. Anderson, Lauri Kinker, Lou Ruh, Lynn Askew, Marc Rubin, Mark Bogner, Mark Roman, Neil Champeau, Richard Berler, Rick L. Maring, Robert Eisele, Scott Giuffre, Scott Haas, Scott Patterson, Scott Smith, Thomas Tharp, Tom DiVecchio, Trey Greenwood, Anonymous (11 donors)
EF1 Donors ($10+): Andrew's Weather Center, Brian Himes, Christie A. Coggins, Craig Sazama, Dan Metcalf, Dawn Hernandez, Frank Spera, Greg Keklak, Joe Ehlers, John Huntington, Luke Victor, Mark Duplantis, Matthew Standridge, Michael Gruver, Nelly Carreno, Nils Abate, Richard Pearson, Steve Gregg, Steve Vogelsberg, Anonymous (6 donors)
EF0 Donors ($5+): Meg Kidd, Michael R. Sabino, Robert Skurski, Anonymous (2 donors)