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Current Conditions
College of DuPage SkyCam
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Feels Like:
Dew Point Humidity
57°F 100%
Wind Strength
Light Moderate Strong
Northwest at 4 mph
GUST: 5mph
Detailed Text Forecast
Due to staffing issues, forecast information from the COD Meteorology Department will be unavailable until further notice.

For detailed forecast information: See National Weather Service Forecast .
COD Weather Statistics

COD Weather Station Statistics

  • Time of Observation: 5/21/22 - 6:49:51 am
  • Latitude: 41.89°N
  • Longitude: -88.15°W
  • Elevation: 747.63 ft
  • Sunrise: 5:27am
  • Sunset: 8:10pm

Current Weather Conditions

  • Currently: Cloudy
  • Visibility: 9.73SM
  • Present Weather:
  • Cloud Cover: Cloudy

Temperature and Pressure

  • Air Temperature: 56.58°F
  • Dewpoint Temperature: 56.58°F
  • Wet-Bulb Temperature: 56.58°F
  • Humidity: 100.00%
  • Wind Chill:
  • Heat Index:
  • Pressure: 1011.85mb

Precipitation and Wind

  • Current Precipitation: N/A
  • Measured Liquid Precipitation: 0.05 Inches
  • Current Wind: From the NW at 3.87mph
  • Recent Peak Wind Gust: 4.82mph at 6:49am

Recent Station Records

  • Highest Temperature (Today): 59.51°F
  • Lowest Temperature (Today): 56.32°F

  • Highest Relative Humidity (Today): 100.00%
  • Lowest Relative Humidity (Today): 96.29%

  • Highest Pressure (Today): 1013.89mb
  • Lowest Pressure (Today): 1007.45mb

  • Measured Liquid Precip (Today): 0.05 Inches
  • Measured Liquid Precip (Month): 2.60 Inches
  • Measured Liquid Precip (Year): 5.07 Inches

  • Peak Wind Gust (Today): 11.61mph at 4:34am