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Current Conditions
College of DuPage SkyCam
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Feels Like:
Dew Point Humidity
54°F 76%
Wind Strength
Light Moderate Strong
West-northwest at 2 mph
Local Graphical Forecast (updated: 07/22/2019 3:07pm)
Tuesday (07/23)
Day Night
0% 0%
High Low
80 to 83 59 to 62
Humidity Humidity
Fair Fair
Wednesday (07/24)
Day Night
0% 0%
High Low
81 to 84 59 to 62
Humidity Humidity
Fair Fair
Thursday (07/25)
Day Night
0% 0%
High Low
83 to 86 62 to 65
Humidity Humidity
Fair Fair
Friday (07/26)
Day Night
0% 0%
High Low
84 to 87 66 to 69
Humidity Humidity
Fair Fair
Detailed Text Forecast (updated: 07/22/2019 3:07pm)

The Next 4 Days...

Short Term: After a brutal stretch of very hot and humid conditions across the region late last week and through Saturday, a large Canadian high pressure system has moved into the northern plains and becoming the main influence of our weather. Over the coming days, it will continue to slide very slow southeast into the heart of the Midwest and lead to a beautiful stretch of quiet and dry weather. Temperatures will slowly come up through the week through the low and mid 80's but humidity values will remain comfortable with the high pressure system overhead. Lastly, overnight lows will get down into the low 60's the next few nights with good radiational cooling setups as clear skies and light winds dominate the overnight periods.

Beyond 4 Days...

Long Term: As we near the upcoming weekend, the pattern will begin to change as the surface high moves off to our east as the upper ridge builds to our west across the plains and eventually back into our area. This will mean a return of both above normal temperatures, potentially back near 90 by the weekend along with higher dew points/moisture advecting into the region. With this air mass change, we will most likely see thunderstorm chances arise as well given the unstable environment that will be in place during this period, potentially into the start of next week given the look of some of the medium range model guidance.
COD Weather Statistics

COD Weather Station Statistics

  • Time of Observation: 7/22/19 - 11:51:29 pm
  • Latitude: 41.89°N
  • Longitude: -88.15°W
  • Elevation: 747.63 ft
  • Sunrise: 5:37am
  • Sunset: 8:19pm

Current Weather Conditions

  • Currently: Clear
  • Visibility: 10SM
  • Present Weather:
  • Cloud Cover: Clear

Temperature and Pressure

  • Air Temperature: 61.54°F
  • Dewpoint Temperature: 53.91°F
  • Wet-Bulb Temperature: 59°F
  • Humidity: 76.02%
  • Wind Chill:
  • Heat Index:
  • Pressure: 1019.98mb

Precipitation and Wind

  • Current Precipitation: N/A
  • Measured Liquid Precipitation: 0.00 Inches
  • Current Wind: From the WNW at 1.74mph
  • Recent Peak Wind Gust: 2.63mph at 11:50pm

Recent Station Records

  • Highest Temperature (Today): 73.97°F
  • Lowest Temperature (Today): 60.41°F

  • Highest Relative Humidity (Today): 92.37%
  • Lowest Relative Humidity (Today): 35.83%

  • Highest Pressure (Today): 1019.98mb
  • Lowest Pressure (Today): 1015.24mb

  • Measured Liquid Precip (Today): 0.00 Inches
  • Measured Liquid Precip (Month): 4.38 Inches
  • Measured Liquid Precip (Year): 8.83 Inches

  • Peak Wind Gust (Today): 21.70mph at 11:02am