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Dew Point Humidity
61°F 69%
Wind Strength
Light Moderate Strong
East at 6 mph
Local Graphical Forecast (updated: 09/19/2023 4:30pm)
Tuesday (09/19)
Day Night
100% 10%
High Low
Mid 60s Mid 50s
Humidity Humidity
Humid Fair
Wednesday (09/20)
Day Night
60% 10%
High Low
Upper 70s Low 60s
Humidity Humidity
Fair Fair
Thursday (09/21)
Day Night
80% 50%
High Low
Low 70s Low 60s
Humidity Humidity
Fair Humid
Friday (09/22)
Day Night
15% 10%
High Low
Upper 70s Low 60s
Humidity Humidity
Muggy Fair
Detailed Text Forecast (updated: 09/19/2023 4:30pm)

Short Term Discussion

Tuesday through Friday: The rest of today is expected have some on and off showers that will eventually clear up later in the day, however the sky will remain overcast throughout the night with a slight possibility of some showers. The rest of this week is expected to be overcast/cloudy for the most part which will keep temperatures pleasant with highs hovering around the mid 70s throughout the day and the low 60s overnight. Wednesday has a good chance of morning showers with the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms that have a slight possibility to continue into the afternoon. Friday is likely to be overcast in the morning, however cloud cover is likely to clear leading to a the day being quite nice with temperatures in the upper 70s.

Long Term Discussion

Saturday through Monday: Saturday is looking to be a pretty nice day with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s in the afternoon and some light cloud cover throughout the day. Sunday morning will be initially nice, with temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s in the early afternoon, however a cold front is expected to pass through on Sunday afternoon, dropping temperatures to the low to mid 60s and bringing showers and thunderstorms to the area. Temperatures are expected to stay in the upper 50s to low 60s overnight into Monday morning and the early afternoon. Highs on Monday may rise into the low 70s by the late afternoon, however there is the possibility of some scattered showers throughout the day which will keep afternoon temperatures lower, likely in the mid to upper 60s.
Forecast prepared by Gavin Bentley and approved by COD Meteorology Staff
COD Weather Statistics

COD Weather Station Statistics

  • Time of Observation: 9/24/23 - 6:10:56 pm
  • Latitude: 41.89°N
  • Longitude: -88.15°W
  • Elevation: 747.63 ft
  • Sunrise: 6:42am
  • Sunset: 6:45pm

Current Weather Conditions

  • Currently: Cloudy
  • Visibility: 10SM
  • Present Weather:
  • Cloud Cover: Cloudy

Temperature and Pressure

  • Air Temperature: 71.97°F
  • Dewpoint Temperature: 61.09°F
  • Wet-Bulb Temperature: 68.34°F
  • Humidity: 68.61%
  • Wind Chill:
  • Heat Index:
  • Pressure: 1016.26mb

Precipitation and Wind

  • Current Precipitation: N/A
  • Measured Liquid Precipitation: 0.00 Inches
  • Current Wind: From the E at 5.79mph
  • Recent Peak Wind Gust: 8.11mph at 6:09pm

Recent Station Records

  • Highest Temperature (Today): 76.62°F
  • Lowest Temperature (Today): 57.53°F

  • Highest Relative Humidity (Today): 94.01%
  • Lowest Relative Humidity (Today): 44.89%

  • Highest Pressure (Today): 1016.93mb
  • Lowest Pressure (Today): 1015.24mb

  • Measured Liquid Precip (Today): 0.00 Inches
  • Measured Liquid Precip (Month): 2.45 Inches
  • Measured Liquid Precip (Year): 2.45 Inches

  • Peak Wind Gust (Today): 17.97mph at 12:01am