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Current Conditions
College of DuPage SkyCam
Current Local Radar
Feels Like:
Dew Point Humidity
45°F 34%
Wind Strength
Light Moderate Strong
Northeast at 3 mph
Local Graphical Forecast (updated: 05/18/2023 12:09pm)
Thursday (05/18)
Day Night
5% 60%
High Low
Mid 70s Lower 60s
Humidity Humidity
Fair Fair
Friday (05/19)
Day Night
90% 10%
High Low
Low 70s Upper 40s
Humidity Humidity
Fair Fair
Saturday (05/20)
Day Night
High Low
Upper 60s Lower 50s
Humidity Humidity
Fair Fair
Sunday (05/21)
Day Night
High Low
Mid 70s Lower 50s
Humidity Humidity
Fair Fair
Detailed Text Forecast (updated: 05/18/2023 12:09pm)

Short Term Discussion

Thursday through Sunday: Thursday will be pleasant with mostly sunny skies and a temperature reaching the mid 70s. Later in the day, the temperature will decrease to around the low 60s while cloud cover will increase to partly cloudy skies with a chance for showers. On Friday, a high chance of showers and a possible thunderstorm will be present where the high temperature hits the lower 70s. The evening sees a decrease in a chance for showers before mostly clearing, which is coupled with a temperature in the upper 40s. The weekend will be pleasant with Saturday and Sunday having sunny skies in the daytime. Temperatures will be in the upper 60s for Saturday and the mid 70s for Sunday. Likewise, clear skies will be present for both days, with both nighttime temperatures hovering in the lower 50s.

Long Term Discussion

Monday through Wednesday: The sunny and mostly clear skies for day and night continue starting the work week. Daytime temperatures are predicted to see an increase, starting in the lower 70s for Monday before landing in the lower to mid 80s by Thursday. Evening temperatures are also predicted to increase throughout the week, starting in the lower 50s for Monday and the lower 60s by Thursday.
Forecast prepared by Damien Jung and approved by COD Meteorology Staff
COD Weather Statistics

COD Weather Station Statistics

  • Time of Observation: 5/28/23 - 10:29:59 am
  • Latitude: 41.89°N
  • Longitude: -88.15°W
  • Elevation: 747.63 ft
  • Sunrise: 5:22am
  • Sunset: 8:16pm

Current Weather Conditions

  • Currently: Cloudy
  • Visibility: 10SM
  • Present Weather:
  • Cloud Cover: Cloudy

Temperature and Pressure

  • Air Temperature: 75.08°F
  • Dewpoint Temperature: 44.92°F
  • Wet-Bulb Temperature: 65.03°F
  • Humidity: 34.15%
  • Wind Chill:
  • Heat Index:
  • Pressure: 1021.34mb

Precipitation and Wind

  • Current Precipitation: N/A
  • Measured Liquid Precipitation: 0.00 Inches
  • Current Wind: From the NE at 3.14mph
  • Recent Peak Wind Gust: 5.48mph at 10:28am

Recent Station Records

  • Highest Temperature (Today): 75.08°F
  • Lowest Temperature (Today): 55.58°F

  • Highest Relative Humidity (Today): 65.81%
  • Lowest Relative Humidity (Today): 33.20%

  • Highest Pressure (Today): 1022.69mb
  • Lowest Pressure (Today): 1021mb

  • Measured Liquid Precip (Today): 0.00 Inches
  • Measured Liquid Precip (Month): 0.42 Inches
  • Measured Liquid Precip (Year): 0.81 Inches

  • Peak Wind Gust (Today): 8.33mph at 10:24am