Three types of satellite: Water Vapor Image

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This same cyclone on water vapor imagry shows the jet stream very well. The blackest colors, just to the north and west of Hawaii, represent dry air. The whitest areas, off the coast of the mainland US, represent moist air. The dry air northwest of Hawaii is the base, or southern end, of the upper level trough. Notice how the black points northeast and feeds into the low. This dry air is what allows it to take on it's comma head appearance The dry intrusion. This black also shows the southwest flow of the jet into the Pacific northwest. Notice the moisture flow fror Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest..often referred to as the "Pineapple Express". Areas south of Alaska, where the low is loacated, shows up as milky white, or a bright grey. This is low level moisture pulled into the system and most likely allowing for a low overcast. A look at visible will give you a better idea of this.

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