Satellite Instruction and Examples

Here is a look at the same surface cyclone/low pressure
system by using all three types of satellite pictures.
Visible Satellite Infrared Satellite Water Vapor Imagery

Other Satellite examples:

  • The Andover Tornado Event Visible and Infrared Pictures

  • Blowing snow: Visible Picture

  • Lake Effect snow:Visible Picture
    The radar that goes with that image

    Notice the cloud bands, or streaks from Lake Superior into the U.P. of Michigan
    and the bands from Lake Michigan into Lower Michigan.

  • Storm of the Century: Color enhanced infrared picture

    The blues and reds in the Atlantic, east of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida
    represent the coldest/highest tops along the cold front. The surface low is
    located in western West Virginia/southeastern Ohio. Notice the dry intrusion
    through Georgia into the eastern Carolinas.

  • Snow Cover Visible Picture
    Here is the snowcover chart to go along with the sat image.

    What looks like clouds over the Dakotas, eastern and southern Minnesota,
    Iowa, Missouri, eastern Kansas, northeast Oklahoma, Illinois and Indiana
    is simply snow cover.

  • Gulf Moisture Water Vapor Image

    Notice the bright whites streaming from the Gulf northward to Minnesota.
    This represents areas of high moisture. Southerly flow in Mississippi
    Valley allows this moisture to return. The black line in eastern
    Nebraska, eastern Kansas and southward is the coldfront and the end
    of the gulf flow. The moister air in the great plains just to the west
    of that, the return to brighter whites, is pacific moisture.

  • Visible Example (Vis)

    Snow Cover, bodies of water, mountains, etc.

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