Three different types of satellite: Infrared Image

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The infrared image shows the height of cloud tops by measuring the amount of infrared radiation emitted from the clouds. Higher tops emit less IR and are colder. The coldest tops in this case are shown by the very dark black and dark grey (i.e. off the coast of Washington and British Columbia). In this satellite, which is enhanced by computer, the black represents both the coldest and the warmest. Simply, the black of Washington is surrounded by greys and whites and you can infer that it is cold black. The black southeast of the cold front (see Visibile Page for the fronts discussion) represents warm temperatures. This makes sense as the air ahead of the front is much warmer. The air behind the cold front is much cooler and has a "milkier" color as a result. Notice how the grey becomes white and they dark grey, and then black as you look from Hawaii to Washington. The colder tops, or brighter, represent higher clouds and a better chance of rain. In California, the southern area of the state has some blackness, representing warmth. The milky whites and greys in the interior of southern California is the cooler valleys.

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