Satellite Lab: Satellite Images and Loops for Lab

Please review this powerpoint presentation on sattelite interpretation before doing the lab
Here is a small tutorial written quite a while ago, but it should help a little
Here's a visible satellite loop of thunderstorms developing on a well defined cold front
Cyclone animation and labels (fronts, etc)
Well developed cyclone example with labels
Satellite example of a cold front moving down Front Range/High Plains
Overshooting Tops: Vis -- Note the bumps and shadows!
Overshooting Tops: IR -- The blue/cold tops denote the overshooting tops. Visible satellite is far easier but in this case you can see them on IR.
Marine stratus dissipating in California
Cold front moving south. Elevated thunderstorms developing, post-cold front
Dying thunderstorm complex in Wisconsin with prominant outflow boundary in it's wake
Marine layer off CA coast, Burning fog in south-central Texas, stratus in the Texas Panhandle

Print out the lab and answer the questions on the scantron sheet provided for you
Click here for the lab questions (.doc file)

Question 1-6:

No images for these questions

Question 7:


Question 8:

Water Vapor Loop

Question 9 and 10:




Question 11:

Water Vapor

Question 12:

WV Image

Question 13:


Question 14 and 15:

Visible (labeled)

Questions 16 - 20:

Visible Picture

MB-IR Picture

Visible Loop

MB-IR Loop

Questions 21-24:

Water Vapor Loop

Question 25:

No images for this question

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