Paul L. Sirvatka

Professor of Meteorology
College of Dupage NEXLAB


About me

I was born and raised in Glen Ellyn. I never thought I would end up building my life in this town yet here I am. I am not complaining. Glen Ellyn is a wonderful town and I am proud to call it home.

I love meteorology. My speciality is in severe weather and weather preparedness, but I love forecasting, understanding the interactions between weather and climate and teaching meteorology.

In addition to my career here, I also am deeply involved in music. I play piano and guitar, sing and write and arrange music. After years of being a church musician, I now direct a choir called "Beyond Glee" with the Wheaton Park District. Sports is another passion and I play basketball, raquetball, softball, baseball and I do Pilates as well.

I am also a Christian. My relationship with God is very important and provides the foundation of all I do. Realizing the true nature of my imperfections allows me to extend the love that I myself have received.

College of DuPage Meteorology Program

The College of DuPage experience is nothing like any other meteorology program in the nation. Here you can begin learning real meteorology right away and have more courses to choose from than anywhere else. Whether you are interested in forecasting, severe weather or more traditional atmospheric sciences, COD will allow students of all ages a chance to delve into how the atmosphere works from the start of their academic career. Student wishing to obtain a four year degree will be able to transfer to another school as a junior with a wealth of experiences and a top-quality education. Others who wish to learn more about meteorology in relation to other careers will find the weather offerings at COD challenging and fascinating.