Rules for Calendar Picture Submission

Every year our club puts together a weather calendar to sell as a fundraiser item. All the money raised from these calendars goes toward our storm chase scholarships. What makes these calendars special is that they have always featured pictures from people closely tied to our weather program here at COD. These calendars have been getting better every year and we want this trend to continue. Therefore, if you wish to submit a photo to be in our calendar we ask that you follow these rules:

  1. The photo MUST be your own! Do not pull an image off the web and submit it, this infringes on copyright laws. DO NOT STEAL ANYBODY'S PICTURES!

  2. Make sure the image quality is high. Image resolution should be NO LESS than 1280x1024, but we would prefer resolutions of 1600x1200 and higher with high DPI (pixels per inch). Basically, the bigger the better! Aspect ratio is irrelevant, 4:3, 16:10, 16:9, 2:1, all are accepted provided the resolution is high enough.

  3. The photo itself should be clear. Blurry images will not be selected for the calendar.

  4. We would prefer the photo to not be altered in anyway. If you do chose to edit your photo(s) (ie. Cropping, Color correction, brightness/contrast adjustment), we ask that you keep it to a minimum. We are after realistic pictures of weather.

  5. Photos must be weather related to a discernible degree. We are looking to have pictures that match the seasons of the year. Storm shots are great for Spring and Summer. Pictures of foliage and leaves changing color are great for Fall. Any great snow-covered landscapes are great for Winter.

  6. Include some basic information on the photo if possible; At the very least, we would like to know where and when the picture was taken.
okay bad
Acceptable because it's clear, high resolution, related to weather enough that it could be used for spring or fall Image is slightly blurry and also masked by reflection of window

okay bad
Image is very blurry and over exposed Clear, High resolution, and excellent storm photo

As long as the photo(s) you are submitting do not violate any of these rules, we will use your picture in our selection process. All submissions are reviewed by the Officers and will be narrowed down to a list of a couple dozen pictures. This selection will then be voted on by COD AMS Club members to select 12 pictures for each month in the calendar and a handful more for the front and back covers. If your picture(s) is/are selected for use in our calendar, we will give you credit for the picture in the calendar.
If you have pictures you would like to submit, e-mail your pictures to