webmaster COD AMS Webmaster: John Griswold
Major: Meteorology
Focus in Field: Undecided

While it wasn’t my original field of study, I’ve had an interest in weather for many years. Without cable television as a child, I frequently found myself watching the news, often paying special attention to the weather segment. Over the years, I’d like to think I developed a better than basic knowledge of what was happening outside, leading close friends to deem me “the next Jerry Taft”. When it came time for college, my focus was initially in the culinary field, but a semester of classes made me realize that it wasn’t for me. After some thought, a career in meteorology seemed like a no-brainer, and the rest is (insignificant) history. I look forward to my rookie year with AMS, and I’m excited to be the new webmaster. When I’m not looking at the skies, I still enjoy cooking and poorly operating my own online TV network (don’t ask).