COD AMS Vice President: Scott Burgholzer
Major: Meteorology
Focus in Field: Aviation

The first time I got really interested in meteorology was my freshman year of high school when I went to the Advanced Severe Weather Seminar put on by DuPage County OEM and Paul Sirvatka. After that day, I was hooked and knew I wanted to know more. My first year here at COD I went on one of the storm chase trips. That year Trip 1 had no severe weather at all, but I have gone on one every year since. Just recently I got an interest in learning about Aviation Meteorology and my current goal is to work for a commercial airline company. Along with Meteorology I’m learning Linux, Unix, Web Programming, Geographic Information Systems, iPhone/iPad Application Development. I’m planning on taking all the math, physics, etc. that will transfer over to Northern Illinois University to complete my Bachelor’s of Science in Meteorology. In some of my free time I work on learning GEMPAK, and other similar weather software.