Scott Burgholzer
College of DuPage - Meteorology and Computer Information Systems Major
Lewis University - Computer Science Major

About Me

I have been attending College of DuPage since May 2010 where I have been studying Meteorology and Computer Information Systems. In August 2016 I started the COD 3+1 program with Lewis University where I will be earning my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Graduating in May 2017. I have been accepted to Lewis Univeristy's Online Masters of Science in Data Science. Will start that program June 2017.

While at College of DuPage I have helped switch from WXP to GEMPAK, and have also learned GRADS. I also assisted in developing the iOS app for the Meteorology program.

To download the iOS app:

For my personal weather station please visit

"We must go on and build today
On what was builded yesterday.
We may want much to tear some out,
To fix anew, and change about.
But what is builded, that must stay.
We must go on from yesterday.
So build you stout and build you strong,
And build to last a whole life long.
Place every stone, lay each line true
That it may be a joy to you.
For what you've builded, it must stay.
Today will soon be yesterday."

        ~Anonymous poem taken from a 1934 edition
          of the Elburn Herald

~Drawn by Timothy Botts