CODFCST Rules and Guidelines

CODFCST is an closed email distribution list run by the Weather Dept at the College of Dupage. It is intended to be a forum where weather related topics can be discussed in an informal setting. A wide range of people are on the distribution list, with different knowledge and experience levels. Affiliations represented on the list include, National Weather Service, National Center for Atmospheric Research, National Severe Storms Laboratory, United States Air Force, numerous universities, a few TV stations, College of Dupage, Aon Insurance, and Control Systems Research.

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    Rules and Guidelines

    Since the list has such a diverse audience, it is important to be mindful of what you send to the group. The following guidelines are listed to help each person receive the maximum benefit from participating in CODFCST.

    Acceptable Topics

    Any topic relating to weather is welcome to be sent to the group. This ranges from class required forecasts, to forecast discussions, to storm chase summaries. Please be respectful of all on the list. Opinions and disagreements are welcome, but malicious messages are not. If you are not sure if the message you want to send is appropriate, please send it first to the list administrator (see link in previous section) or a College of Dupage Weather Lab staff member.

    Unacceptable Topics/Practices

  • No Flaming / Disrespectful / Malicious messages
    This is pretty self explanitory. Differences in opinion will happen and usually create some of the best threads or discussions in the group. Just do not make any personal attacks and we will all get along fine.
  • No Email Attachments
    This rule exists as a courtesy to list members who access their email via dial-up modems. Not everyone is blessed with broadband connections, so if you were to send 3 or 4 radar images, those poor dial-up people would be stuck for a long time wait for the images to download. Also, since many viruses are spread via email attachments, I see this as a matter of email/computer security for list members as well. IF you have an image that you would like to show the rest of the group, simply send a web-address for it, or attach the image to a message to the list administrator, and he will post it on the weather lab web-site for everyone in the group to see.
  • No Spam, Jokes or Chain Letters
    No tolerance here. We all receive enough junk email, I do not want this list to be a hassle rather than an pleasure to be on. Violate this rule is grounds for removal at the discretion of the list administrator.
  • No meaningless posts
    Try to make sure that the subject of your message appeals to the majority on the list. For instance, "I walked outside this morning and boy was it cold." is not the type of email that benefits a large cross-section of list members. However, "I was looking at the Chicago radar at 21z as saw some strange banding features, Anybody know what they were?" is perfectly acceptable since it is initiating a discussion. This rule is rather subjective and the list administrator will afford some grace for first time offenders.
    The guidelines above may be expanded and or modified at anytime without prior notification. This list of guidelines should not be interpreted as exclusive and the list administrator retains the right to remove any person not conducting themselves in a reasonable manner.
    Last modified: Fri Sep 9 19:36:27 GMT 2011